you gonna realize..
you see this through my eyes
but then..
I wont even be there
I'll be happy somewhere
even if I can't

I know
you don't really see my worth
you think
you the last guy on earth
well I've got news for you
I know I'm not that strong
but it wont take long
wont take long..

someday , someone's gonna love me
the way I want it that to you need me
someday , someone's gonna take your place
oneday , I'll forget about you
you'll see , I wont even miss you

right know , I now you can't tell
I'm down , and I'm not doing well
but one day , this tears
they will all dry
I wont have to cry
sweet goodbye..

someday I know someone's gonna be there..

lagu ini khusus untuk aku sendiri , dan seseorang yg merasa . kaloo aku bisa kuat , ggak lemah kayak sekarang . tapi itu PADA SUATU SAAT . tidak sekarang , tidak besok , tapi suatu saat .
dann itu semoga bisa kulakukan , :(

honestly , I still love you . :(

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